Self-Service Linux – Mastering the Art of Problem Determination

Year:2006 Pages:421


Linux is the best choice for home and business users. It is very powerful, as stable as any commercial operating system, secure, and best of all, it is open source. One of the biggest deciding factors for whether to use Linux at home or for your business can be service and support.The biggest factor in a company’s decision to go with Linux is overcoming the support issues. This book should be an essential part of every company’s Linux adoption plan to keep the total cost of ownership down and improve the ROI of their Linux strategy. It is also a book that advanced Linux professionals running their own Linux systems will be able to use to troubleshoot. This book gives the staff the basics they need to diagnose most problems that they will face and will go into the nitty-gritty on the toughest problems.


Chapter 1:Best Practices and Initial Investigation
Chapter 2:strace and System Call Tracing Explained
Chapter 3:The /proc Filesystem
Chapter 4:Compiling
Chapter 5:The Stack
Chapter 6:The GNU Debugger (GDB)
Chapter 7:Linux System Crashes and Hangs
Chapter 8:Kernel Debugging with KDB
Chapter 9:ELF: Executable and Linking Format


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