After the Software Wars



Free software is analogous to Wikipedia, which grew from nothing into the world’s largest encyclopedia in 2.5 years. Free software is better for the free market somewhat like how free speech is better. Both Marxists and Chicago-school libertarian economists can agree that free software is the best model.

Programmers can make money and businesses can lower costs by using Linux. Software Wars is a quick read with 100 pictures explaining why this is true, what is missing, and how anyone can get involved.

Keith Curtis, an 11-year veteran of Microsoft, takes a programmer’s approach in Software Wars, attempting to systematically build a case that free software can help pave the way for a 21st-century renaissance in many fields ranging from artificial intelligence (cars that drive themselves) to the human journey into space (space elevators). For Keith, free software is all about leveraging our collective intelligence.

BOOK INFORMATIONdesc-yearYear:2009desc-authorAuthor: Keith Curtisdesc-pages4Total Pages: 305


  • Free Software Battle
  • Wikipedia
  • Linux.
  • AI and Google.
  • Free Software
  • Patents & Copyright
  • Tools
  • The Java Mess
  • The OS Battle
  • Challenges for Free Software
  • Standards & Web
  • Da Future
  • Afterword
  • How to try Linux.

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