(in)secure Issue 43 (September 2014)



  •     What is the value of professional certification?
  •     How to tell if your security system has been fingerprinted by evasive malware
  •     Mobile hackers look to the network
  •     Why every security-conscious organization needs a honeypot
  •     Securing the U.S. electrical grid
  •     Using Hollywood to improve your security program
  •     How a large ISP fights DDoS attacks with a custom solution
  •     Black Hat USA 2014
  •     The synergy of hackers and tools at the Black Hat Arsenal
  •     Web application security today
  •     Big Data analytics to the rescue
  •     Why now is the time for enterprises to implement context-based authentication
  •     HoneyMalt: Mapping honeypots using Maltego
  •     Failure is an option
  •     Cloud security: Do you know where your data is?

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