Linux Network Administrator’s Guide (2nd Edition)


Linux, a Unix-compatible operating system that runs on personal computers and larger servers, is valued above all for its networking strengths. The Linux Network Administrator’s Guide spells out all the information needed for joining a network, whether it’s a simple UUCP connection or a full LAN with a Linux system serving as a firewall, an NFS or NIS file server, and a mail and news hub.This book, which is one of the most successful to come from the Linux Documentation Project and remains freely distributable under its license, touches on all the essential networking software included with the operating system, plus some hardware considerations. Fully updated, the book now covers firewalls, including the use of ipchains and iptables (netfilter), masquerading, and accounting. Other new topics include Novell (NCP/IPX) support and INN (news administration). Original material on serial connections, UUCP, routing and DNS, mail and News, SLIP and PPP, NFS, and NIS has been thoroughly updated. Kernel options reflect the 2.2 kernel. However, some topics covered in other books (notably Samba and web server administration) are not in this book.

BOOK INFORMATIONdesc-yearYear:2000 desc-authorAuthor: Olaf Kirch, Terry Dawsondesc-pages4Total Pages:506


Chapter 1: Introduction to Networking
Chapter 2: Issues of TCP/IP Networking
Chapter 3: Configuring the Networking Hardware
Chapter 4: Configuring the Serial Hardware
Chapter 5: Configuring TCP/IP Networking
Chapter 6: Name Service and Resolver Configuration
Chapter 7: Serial Line IP
Chapter 8: The Point-to-Point Protocol
Chapter 9: TCP/IP Firewall
Chapter 10: IP Accounting
Chapter 11: IP Masquerade and Network Address Translation
Chapter 12: Important Network Features
Chapter 13: The Network Information System
Chapter 14: The Network File System
Chapter 15: IPX and the NCP Filesystem
Chapter 16: Managing Taylor UUCP
Chapter 17: Electronic Mail
Chapter 18: Sendmail
Chapter 19: Getting Exim Up and Running
Chapter 20: Netnews
Chapter 21: C News
Chapter 22: NNTP and the nntpd Daemon
Chapter 23: Internet News
Chapter 24: Newsreader Configuration

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Permission is granted to copy, print, distribute, and modify the online document under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License, Version 1.1, or any later version published by the Free Software Foundation; with the Invariant Sections being the Acknowledgments

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