Computer Programming using GNU Smalltalk


Computer Programming using GNU Smalltalk tries a different approach for teaching introductory computer programming than most other books by choosing Smalltalk as the programming language. A language which is mature and powerful yet not as widely used as some other popular alternative programming languages out there, waiting for its discoverers.

The book aims computer users who have not done any computer programming before or curious programmers who want to learn Smalltalk programming language which is probably one of the influencer of the programming language they are currently using.



Total pages:129
Author:Canol Gökel


Chapter 1: Introduction to Programming World
Chapter 2: Introduction to GNU Smalltalk
Chapter 3: Objects, Messages and Classes: Part I
Chapter 4: Controlling the Flow of Execution
Chapter 5: Objects, Messages and Classes: Part II
Chapter 6: What to Do Next
Appendix A: Installing Programming Environment

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