Thinking in C++ 2nd Edition (volume 2)


Thinking in C++, Volume 2 looks at more advanced features, with an eye towards developing techniques and ideas that produce robust C++ programs.

  • Emphasis on advanced testing techniques to produce optimized error free code.
  • In depth coverage of STL with real world reusable code examples.
  • Simple short exercises that simplify complex programming routines.
  • Both authors are highly respected and widely known.



Total pages:
Author:Bruce Eckel, Chuck Allison


  • Learn practical programming and best practices
  • Meet the difficult challenges of C++ development
  • Build reliable and robust programs
  • Design Patterns chapter shows sophisticated use of objects, composition and polymorphism
  • Provides a gentle introduction to multithreaded programming, a feature being considered for the next version of Standard C++
  • Defensive Programming chapter includes a simple unit-testing framework and debugging techniques
  • In-depth treatment of Standard C++ Library facilities including strings, iostreams, and the “STL” algorithms and containers
  • Modern usage of templates, including template metaprogramming.
  • Unravels the perplexities of multiple inheritance
  • Shows practical uses for RTTI
  • Explores exception handling in depth and clearly explains exception-safe design
  • Compliant with the official ISO C++ Standard
  • Presents results of current research being considered for inclusion in the next revision of Standard C++
  • All code examples freely downloadable, tested on multiple platforms and compilers including the free GNU C++ compiler on Windows/Mac/Linux

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The electronic version of the book will continue to be free, even after it’s published. You have permission to print a copy of the book for your own use.

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