Thinking in patterns (Java)


The biggest bottleneck in the book was the one chapter that is not part of the seminar, which was the last one (“Design Patterns”). In addition to being in very rough form and promising a tremendous amount of work — and research, which always takes more time than I think it will — to get in shape, this chapter kept getting bigger and really deserves its own book. So that’s what I have done — pulled the Design Patterns chapter out so that it can be turned into a separate book.


Total pages:
Author:Bruce Eckel


1: The pattern concept
2: Unit Testing
3: Building application frameworks
4:Fronting for an implementation
X: Decorators: dynamic type selection
Y: Iterators: decoupling algorithms from containers
5: Factories: encapsulating object creation
6: Function objects
7: Changing the interface
8: Table-driven code: configuration flexibility
9: Interpreter/ Multiple Languages
10: Callbacks
11: Multiple dispatching
12: Pattern refactoring
13: Projects

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The electronic version of the book will continue to be free. You have permission to print a copy of the book for your own use, and to distribute the unmodified electronic version(s).

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