Achieving Impossible Things with Free Culture and Commons-Based Enterprise


Six “impossible things”: GNU/Linux, Wikipedia, the Creative Commons, the Blender Foundation, Open Hardware, and the OLPC/Sugar project. All created under free licenses for everyone to use, in defiance of our conventional ideas of business economics. Is it magic, coincidence, or just plain common sense at work here?

The author explores the reality of these projects from an insider’s perspective and picks out a set of five easy to follow rules for keeping your own projects in tune with the rules of free culture and on the track to success.

Includes the entirety of the “Impossible Things” and “Rules of the Game” article series written for Free Software Magazine, as well as five bonus articles on improving commons-based processes.


Total pages:290
Author:Terry Hancock


Six Impossible Things
Free Software: Debian GNU/Linux
Free Knowledge: Wikipedia & Project Gutenberg
Free Art & Music: Creative Commons Culture
Community Financing: Blender & Open Movies
Open Hardware: Chips, Computers, Cards, & Cars
Closing the Digital Divide: OLPC & Sugar Labs
A New Paradigm

The Rules of the Game
Hold On Loosely: Project Licensing
Create a Community: Project Hosting and Marketing
Divide and Conquer: Design Structure
Grow, Don’t Build: Design Process
Be Bold: Setting Inspiring Goals
Doing the Impossible (Conclusion)

Improving the Process
Tools for Community Building
Ten Easy Ways to Attract Women to Your Project
What if Copyright Didn’t Apply to Binaries?
Marketshare or Sharing?
Buying for the Commons with CC+

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This text of this book is released under the terms of the Creative Commons Attibution.ShareAlike Licence, version 3.0 For attibution purposes, please use the credit “Terry Hancock”

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