Beej’s Guide to C Programming


Beej’s Guide to C Programming tries to lead the reader from complete and utter sheer lost confusion on to the sort of enlightened bliss that can only be obtained though pure C programming.


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Author:Brian “Beej” Hall


  • Programming Building Blocks
  • Variables, Expressions, and Statements – A variable is simply a name for a number. An expression in C consists of other expressions optionally put together with operators. Examines the if, while, do-while, and the for statements
  • Building Blocks Revisited
  • Functions – put some of those building blocks in their own functions when they become too large, or when they do a different thing than the rest of the code
  • Variables, the Sequel – talks about variable scope and storage classes
  • Pointers – they are the address of data. Just like an int can be 12, a pointer can be the address of data
  • Structures – a construct that allows you to logically group variables into groups. You can then reference the group as a whole
  • Arrays – a linear collection of related data
  • Strings – a string in C is a sequence of bytes in memory that usually contains a bunch of letters
  • Dynamic Memory – explores the malloc(), free(), realloc(), and calloc() functions
  • More Stuff – topics include pointer arithmetic, typedef, enum, struct declarations, command line arguments, multidimensional arrays, casting and promotion, incomplete types, void pointers, NULL pointers, and static keywords
  • Standard I/O Library – used for reading from and writing to files
  • String Manipulation – find functions for pulling substrings out of strings, concatenating strings together, getting the length of a string, and more
  • Mathematics – functions that will serve your general purpose mathematical needs

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