Object-Oriented Programming with ANSI-C


Object-Oriented Programming with ANSI-C uses ANSI-C to discover how object-oriented programming is done, what its techniques are, why they help us solve bigger problems, and how we harness generality and program to catch mistakes earlier.


Total pages:223
Author:Axel-Tobias Schreiner


  • Abstract Data Types
  • Dynamic Linkage:
  • Programming Savvy – Write a small program to read and evaluate arithmetic expressions consisting of floating point numbers, parentheses and the usual operators for addition, subtraction, and so on
  • Inheritance – Code Reuse and Refinement
  • Programming Savvy – Symbol Table
  • Class Hierachy
  • The ooc Preprocessor – looks at the design of a preprocessor ooc which helps readers to stick to programming conventions
  • Dynamic Type Checking – Defensive Programming
  • Static Construction – Self-Organization
  • Delegates
  • Class Methods – Plugging Memory Leaks
  • Persistent Objects – Storing and Loading Data Structures
  • Exceptions – Disciplined Error Recovery
  • Forwarding Messages – Looks at a rather typical problem: one object hierarchy we build ourselves to create an application, and another object hierarchy is more or less imposed upon us, because it deals with system facilities such as a graphical user interface (GUI, the pronunciation indicates the generally charming qualities).

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