A Hacker’s Guide to Git


A Haker’s Guide to Git explains some of Git’s core concepts including basic object storage, commits, branches and tags. It also contains in-depth explanations about the different kinds of merging in Git, including the much-feared rebase.

The contents of the book:

  • Introduction
  • Repositories – a starting point to understand what is stored in a Git repository: Blobs, Tree objects, Commit objects, Tag objects, and References
  • Tree Objects – contains a list of blobs (files) and other tree objects (sub-directories)
  • Commits – see a commit object in action
  • References – a file stored somewhere in .git/refs, containing the hash of a commit object
  • Branches – brief coverage of what is one of Git’s strongest features
  • Tags – two types of tags in Git — lightweight tags and annotated tags
  • Merging – the process of joining two histories (usually branches) together
  • Rebasing – understand what rebasing does
  • Cherry-Picking
  • Rebasing (Continued)
  • Remotes: Cloning, Pushing, Remote-Tracking Branches, Fetching, Pulling
  • Toolkit: git-reflog, git-fsck, git-stash, git-describe, git-rev-parse, and git-bisect


Total pages:
Author: Joseph Wynn


1 Introduction
2 Repositories
3 Tree Objects
4 Commits
5 References
6 Branches
7 Tags
8 Merging
9 Rebasing
10 Cherry-Picking
11 Rebasing (Continued)
12 Remotes
12.1 Cloning
12.2 Pushing
12.3 Remote-Tracking Branches
12.4 Fetching
12.5 Pulling
13 Toolkit
13.1 git-reflog
13.2 git-fsck
13.3 git-stash
13.4 git-describe
13.5 git-rev-parse
13.6 git-bisect

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