Git in the trenches


Git In The Trenches, or GITT is designed to be a book that focusses on teaching people to use Git by associating with scenarios that are experienced by a fictional company called Tamagoyaki Inc. Through reading about their day to day lives, the reader will learn not only how to use Git, but why version control systems are important and how to implement them within an organization.


Total pages:274
Author: Peter Savage


The book explores:

  • Initialising a repo, adding files, removing files, committing, resetting
  • Logging, diffing, tagging, viewing historical data
  • Branching, merging, deleting branch, recovering branch, dealing with conflicts
  • GUI usage
  • Stashing, Cloning
  • Networking, Rebasing
  • Patching, Bisecting, Filterbranching, subtree, modules

After Hours

  • History of version control, svn, cvs, git
  • Simple Git internals, how commits are stored
  • In-depth look at diff and how tags are stored
  • Merging algorithms
  • Splitting up commits, line by line, hunk committing
  • Push and pull settings, reference discussion
  • Instaweb
  • Hooks

Read/ Download

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 It is the intention of the author to make the book available freely online, and eventually offer a printed version via a self publishing site online. If someone out there thinks the book would do well to be published by a proper print publisher and can help make this happen, please get in contact. However the book will remain free online no matter what.

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