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It doesn’t really matter how good your products or your prices are ? if you can’t get a relationship after with whom you do business , you’ll quickly find that business come slow.

Customer relationship management (CRM) products have grown  until these days they can find new customers for you. That complexity can come at a price —  How can they make sense of mountains of data and, most importantly, how can they translate all this information into effective practices and workflows that will allow your company to grow?

Datacentres and the expanding global bandwidth  means that companies can have entire solutions hosted offsite, giving them greater flexibility about when and where to deploy and, more importantly, how quickly. The drive to be the first  is incessant, and with hosted services or software as a service will allow companies to deploy rapidly and effectively.

Suite CRM

The SuiteCRM Open Source Project is a forked version of SugarCRM. It competes directly with SugarCRM Professional Edition, Microsoft Dynamics and SalesForce Professional. SuiteCRM easily adapts to any business environment and the open source design enables companies to more easily customise and integrate their business processes in order to build and maintain more profitable relationships.

SuiteCRM is an extended version of SugarCRM Community Edition with additional functionality including workflow, portal, quotes, products, contracts, reporting and mobile that were previously only available in the proprietary editions of SugarCRM.

Greg Soper, CEO of SalesAgility, the driving force behind SuiteCRM said,”We strongly believe that open source will soon be the dominant player in the application stack much as it is in the infrastructure stack”

“A strong growth area is users of Microsoft and SalesForce for all the classical open source reasons of cost reduction at no loss of useful functionality and freedom from vendor lock-in.”

“The final growth area is the more traditional migration from legacy applications such  or poorly functioning in-house built applications. This sector is probably our most bouyant and most diverse in terms on organisational size”

SuiteCRM’s latest release includes powerful workflow, social connectors, enhanced search utilising Apache , multi-tabbed home pages, history filters, bug fixes and community requested enhancements.

This month the SuiteCRM team will be announcing the roadmap for release 7.2, scheduled for the end of September 2014. More information about SuiteCRM is available at the project site


We installed the lastest stable release of Suite CRM  7.1.1- First you will need registrate yourself to download the software. There are three versions (MAX , Service, Sales) We used the MAX version.

Our server has : Ubuntu 14.04 x64 with MySql , and PHP installed.

The wizard-based installation doesn’t require the administrator to do much other than verify prerequisites and specify names and passwords.






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